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The Majorelle art of living



Proper noun inspired by the famous Majorelle blue, this fanciful color which adorns the walls of the gardens of Marrakech. It evokes the luxury of an exotic getaway, art in all its forms and the little joys of life.

The Majorelle Bubble!

The art of the table and small pleasures

Maison Majorelle is a boutique café, tea room and caterer focused on the art of living and well-being. This rejuvenating place offers a menu that is both healthy and gourmet, worthy of a journey for the senses.

Savor carefully chosen exceptional products, enjoy a pleasant space conducive to discussions and stop for a bite.

Stroll through our boutique, where each find will envelop your heart, your body and your home.

To treat yourself or find a gift, for a meal break or a moment with family, friends or by yourself, we are the unmissable destination in Rosemère!

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